Spice Up your lash look!

Tired of wearing mascara? Tired of having to wake up and apply lash strips everyday? Try lash extensions, you'll be able to wake up and have a full lash set which will cut down on your makeup routine girl!

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Lash Extensions enhance the length, curl, fullness, and thickness of natural eyelashes.

Benefit 1

You will no longer have to wear clumpy mascara on your lashes.

Benefit 2

You will be able to cut down your makeup routine due to being able to wake up everyday with a nice lash extension set!

Benefit 3

No more worrying about if your strip lashes are on properly or lifting up throughout the day. 

Lash Extension Pricing

Classic $60

The most natural lash extension set. Great for first timers.

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Hybrid $80

A mixture of Classic and Volume. This set is very popular for clients who want to add fullness to their lash look.

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Volume $100

The best choice for clients who want volume and fullness for their lash look.

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Take a Look At Our Lash Extension sets!

Classic Lash Extensions

Volume Lash Extensions

Hybrid Lash Extensions


Transform Your Lash Look & Ditch The Mascara

Have your lash extensions done by a professional, in a calm and relaxing setting. You'll no longer need mascara, strip lashes and you'll be able to cut down on your makeup routine. Don't miss out on getting a free bottom lash extension set with your 1st appointment!

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